Five Engagement Party Venues in Dallas

Published June 7, 2019 on DWeddings.com

Often overlooked, a couple’s engagement party sets the precedent for their upcoming wedding. Read about five Dallas locations that fit with different wedding styles on dweddings.com.

Engaged: Nicole Makenzi Gumm and Justin J. Cain

Published June 20, 2019 on DWeddings.com

A good, old-fashioned engagement announcement, surprised bride and cute photos included.

An Unlikely Building is Brought Back to Life in Vickery Place

Published June 21, 2019 on DMagazine.com

Indio Management acquired a historic property in the Vickery Place neighborhood. Caitlin Clark and I talk about the building’s history and the new renovations that kept with the property’s vintage style.

SMU Alumna traveled to the Middle East to provide medical care for refugees

Published April 8, 2019 by SMU Daily Campus

SMU alumna, Aneesa Husain, witnessed first-hand the struggles of refugee families in the Middle East when she traveled to Amman, Jordan to work in a medical clinic.

In the wake of tragedy, students celebrate kindness across religious divides

Published March 26, 2019 by SMU Daily Campus

People of different ethnicities, religions and backgrounds gathered on SMU’s Dallas Hall lawn to honor the lives lost in the March 15, 2019 New Zealand massacre.

Venezuelan SMU student draws attention to humanitarian issues preceding political outcry

Published February 6, 2019 by SMU Daily Campus

Natasha Farah, an SMU student from Venezuela, said recent U.S. news coverage of Venezuelan politics demonstrates American disinterest in international politics.