New Houses

God is not in the business of renovating existing houses. He builds new in place of the old, from the ground up. He removes what existed before, every piece of it—the roof, walls, floor, faulty foundation—and clears the land. Yes, the old walls stood on their own, the cracks in the foundation have not yet visibly affected the tenant and the roof kept the rain out, but He is rebuilding it wholly and completely and no reminder of the old house can remain. It is not that He despised the former so much that He regarded it garbage, but rather that He knows the tenant is better served by the things of His building because He is the ultimate craftsman.

Did you know that sometimes He even cuts down the old, beautiful, safe trees surrounding the house? It is because He intends to cultivate a garden instead, one that the tenant can eat from and grow with. At first, when tenants give their house over to Him, they expect construction to move rapidly but oh how they are wrong. This, of course, is only for their benefit (as He is no lazy contractor) — the process is long simply because He has promised them to build something that will last eternally, and He always keeps His word. 

When He pours the foundation, the tenant anticipates the walls will go up immediately after, but He reminds them that it must first be tested and sealed. There is no value in building a house on a foundation that cannot stand the climate, it will only have to be rebuilt. When He frames the rooms, He does so based upon what He knows of the tenant (and He knows them well), its design suits them perfectly with no lack or excess of space. He installs the windows and ensures the view through the glass is something beautiful; they allow sunlight to seep in and only make the interior more bright and lovely. The most distinct feature in His design plan, present in every home he builds, is the light He places on the interior of the house. When the sunlight doesn’t seep through the windows because of clouds or nighttime, the tenant can switch the lights on and the house is illuminated once again. 

The electricity never goes out in His houses and there’s no such thing as a utility bill once you’ve given your house to Him. 

It’s really a great deal, when you think about it, an excellent investment—you gain the most beautiful new house only at the expense of control over its design. It’s not something to worry about or fret over, He’s been in this business for a long time.