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Hello there,

I’m a Dallas native and college student studying Journalism & French. I believe much of the world is bound by fear, but my life’s purpose is to enable others to experience freedom in every area of their lives.

Freedom is not the ability to do whatever you want without restriction. Freedom isn’t found in being well-liked or successful. Freedom is a lifestyle birthed from the conviction that every life is inherently valuable. When people become fully convinced that their lives, thoughts, words, struggles, passions, stories and experiences matter, they will move from living with a half-measure into a life of abundance.

I’m working to experience freedom in every area of my life; work, school, faith, style, relationships and hobbies. My writing, published here and elsewhere, serves to celebrate stories of freedom, share how I’m learning to live freely, and encourage people to experience the same in their lives.


Photo by Amy Hogan